Coming November 19th

Introducing the ancient Heritor Secret Technology, new campaign missions, location mechanics and more.

Revelations is the first expansion from Triumph Studios for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the turn-based strategy game with in-depth empire building.

PC Playstation 4 XBOX one



New Secret Tech: Heritor

Use ancient Heritor technology to drain the essence of enemies, fueling the opportunity to use powerful abilities, create strong Entropy weapons, and summon new units.

Anomalous Sites Mechanic

Explore 30+ mysterious sites filled with traps and powerful enemies to reap unique rewards and uncover great secrets. With unique choices based on each faction, race or Secret Technology, players can combine multiple sites to create endlessly different combat instances. The sites comes with their own rewards, for example turning them into Landmarks for added bonuses to your Colony, or giving you new units to add to your armies.

Threats to Your Empire

Reapers are robotic assassins created long ago to destroy those who were friendly to the Heritor cause, but now hunt all who walk the planet. Equally deadly are the Megasow and Piglets, bio-engineered wildlife gone rabid after the fall of the Star Union, which will devour anything in sight.

Additional Campaign Missions

Experience the awakening of the Es’teq dynasty and the rise of their Heritor descendents with 10+ hours of new content across two campaigns. Players can join this ancient religious faction by choosing it as a Secret Technology. Use their power to establish a new mystical empire!

The Season Pass includes Revelations + 2 upcoming expansions.

Expansion 1
Planetfall Star
Expansion 2
Planetfall Star
Expansion 3
Planetfall Star